The overview describes Alpine Ice Hack Weight Loss, known as the Alpine Ice Hack recently some influencers have shown this weight loss process through video. the specialist uncovers this video into reality.

Alpine Ice Hack Weight Loss

Many videos feature remarkably similar claims Ice Hack For Weight Loss: “This is a diet secret that’s been in the news, but the videos keep getting taken down because it’s exposing the lies of the weight loss industry.” Subsequently, influencers present before-and-after pictures of their mothers, aunts, or grandmothers who have supposedly shed 60 to 80 pounds using the ice hack, all without resorting to diet or exercise.

Is it too good to be true? Yes, it is.

Alpine Ice Hack Weight Loss

Alpine Ice Hack Weight Loss

What Is Alpine Ice Hack Weight Loss (aka Alpine Ice Diet) and How Does it Work?

While their videos might be showing glasses full of ice cubes, the hack isn’t all about the ice. The online push is trying to peddle a pricey dietary supplement named Alpilean, capsules chock-full of ingredients from the Himalayan Alps, which is why folks are also calling it the alpine ice hack.

Like many fad diets or health supplements, there’s usually a bit of scientific evidence hidden beneath the claims, but it’s often exaggerated or misunderstood. In the case of Alpilean, the sellers assert that the main reason for belly fat is a low internal body temperature. They base this on a 2020 study from researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine, which found that the collective internal body temperature in the U.S. has dropped by an average of 0.05 degrees Fahrenheit every decade since the 1800s.

The creators of Alpilean seized on the idea that our decreasing internal body temperature is responsible for the increasing obesity rates in the U.S. However, Julie Parsonnet, a professor of medicine, epidemiology, and population health at Stanford University and co-author of the study, explained that the Alpine ice hack weight loss that it’s not that straightforward.

She acknowledges that as the population has become heavier, our body temperature – a basic indicator of metabolic rate – has decreased. But she points out that many other factors have changed simultaneously, including a shift to more calorie-dense food, a sedentary lifestyle, reduced infectious diseases, and even the widespread use of air conditioning and heating.

“Our immune systems, which also burn calories and would increase temperature, were likely much more active in the past than they are today. Even the bacteria living in our bodies are different and also produce heat,” she notes.

So, the reasons for our changing weight over time are not completely understood.

“Over time, we’ve become taller, fatter, cooler, and healthier,” she says. “How all these factors are connected is not clear.”

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How to Follow the Alpine Ice Hack For Weight Loss?

The diet blames low body temperature for obesity, but this idea is flawed. Studies on body temperature and weight have been inconsistent. Some think low body temperature makes it harder to burn calories, calling it a “thermogenic handicap.”

But most experts now agree that obesity isn’t linked to lower body temperature. The Alpilean website mentions a Swiss study, but it contradicts their claim. The study shows body temperature increases with weight, not decreases as the company suggests.

Does the Ice Hack Diet Work for Losing Weight?

The diet points fingers at low internal body temperature as the cause of obesity, but the entire idea is flawed. While studies have delved into the connection between body temperature and body weight over the years, the evidence has been inconsistent.

Some researchers suggest that a low body temperature might make someone more prone to obesity due to what’s termed a “thermogenic handicap” – the difficulty of efficiently burning off calories.

However, the current consensus is that obesity is not linked to a decreased core body temperature.

The Alpilean website refers to a Swiss study published in the International Journal of Obesity, but this study actually contradicts their claim. It reveals that body temperature increases with weight, not decreases, as the company asserts.

What Is the Role of Ice?

Even though the ice hack isn’t really about ice, Ice has been touted as a weight loss secret before. In 2014, Dr. Brian Weiner introduced The Ice Diet, claiming that eating ice burns calories as the body needs energy to melt it.

But the truth is, cold exposure’s impact on metabolism is small, says Tewksbury—it might even make weight loss harder. Some animal studies suggest chronic cold exposure leads to overeating, though this hasn’t been studied in humans.

Research shows athletes who drink cold water during exercise may lower their metabolic rates, not increase them as the ice theory suggests.

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Alpilean Bottle Packages Cost

Alpilean is available in three Bottles:

  • Get a 30-day supply (1 bottle with 30 capsules) for $59 + $9.95 shipping.
  • Opt for a 90-day supply (3 bottles) for $147 + $9.95 shipping.
  • Go for a 180-day supply (6 bottles) for $234 with free shipping.

Risks of Alpilean (This Article is Copy From Forbes)

Using weight loss products may lead to issues with self-esteem and eating habits, warns Latimer. This can be harmful and create a risky cycle of unhealthy thoughts and eating patterns.

It’s crucial to know that supplements can affect how your medicines work or cause serious interactions.

The FDA doesn’t check if dietary supplements are safe or effective. Instead, it’s up to the company selling the supplement to make sure the label is correct. For more safety, it’s good to buy supplements tested by groups like NSF International, US Pharmacopeia, or Underwriters Laboratory. These groups make sure a product doesn’t have anything harmful and check if the ingredients are good, in the right amounts, and pure. Alpilean, in particular, hasn’t been checked by these groups.

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