Must Try Indian Ayurvedic Home Remedies

US Workers Overuse Cold Medicine Due to Office Sick

Basil tea can be soothing and beneficial for alleviating symptoms associated with colds

Basil Tea

Honey GInger Juice cough suppressant, providing relief from persistent coughs associated with a cold

Honey Ginger Juice

people often use to alleviate symptoms associated with the common cold

Mulethi or Licorice

Dry Ginger contains certain molecules that have anti-inflammatory properties. This helps reduce sore throat.

Dry GInger

This woody aromatic spice is is relief from cold and cough. It not only gives relief from common cold but is also great for a sore throat.

Cinnamon Tea

– Take two teaspoons of Giloy juice with warm water on an empty stomach in the morning.

Giloy Juice

Gargling with salt water loosens excess mucus and removes bacteria and fungi from the throat

Gargle with Salt Water