Best Earphones in India under 1000

Are you looking for the best budget earphones which are available in India under INR 1000 ? Well, you are in the right place!

Vibe la mamacitaaa! Oh what a year of ups and downs it has been, but something that has kept all of us rejuvenated from dawn to dusk are a few beats of music and entertainment, cause what is life without fun after all?

But now that everything has been slowly resuming to normalcy, is the fact that you can't play your favourite song on loop or watch the latest episode of that hyped show, at any point of the day, anywhere, haunting you too?

Well, we've all been there, so don't worry we've got a special list of portable media players for all kinds of your mood that you can carry along while keeping up with your schedule and not miss on the latest releases that create internet-breaking records, anytime, anywhere, any mood.

Here we present you the 10 best earphones in India under Rs 1000, which are not only affordable but also our personal favourites to match all your moods, here you go!

10 Best Earphones in India Under 1000 Rupees

1. JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphone

This American brand of pure magical sound is more than half a century old and is still leading the market of all forms of audio engineering devices, be it speakers, headsets or even earphones.

There's not much to add to legendary brands except that you should definitely own one! It's one of our personal favourites and that is the only reason why this tops the list.

So, if you’re looking for the best of the best earphones in India under Rs 1000 our first preference will be JBL!

Key Features

  • This wired earphone has a length of 17.5 cm which is honestly long enough for anyone to get stuck in their earphones without having to look or hold the phone.
  • It has a frequency range of 20-20kHz which allows smooth function with sharp audio.
  • It is compatible with both android and iOS devices and it can also be connected to Laptops and computers giving exemplary results in each case with the best audio clarity.
  • It has a one-button universal remote and mic that can also quick launch access to Google Assistant or Siri.
  • Most JBL earpiece designs are Sleek, Glossy and very compatible for any kind of user, hence making it a customer favourite brand.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable with 3 sizes of ear tips to easily fit into anyone's ears.
  • It's noise cancellation property outsmart itself from everyone else in the market as it gives a sharp redefined audio along with extra deep bass.
  • It comes with a reliable 1-year manufacturer warranty hence making it a high performing reliable brand among others.


  • Smooth function and sharp audio frequency
  • Extra Deep Bass with excellent audio
  • One-button universal remote and mic
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • 17.5 cm in length
  • 50 grams, lightweight


  • JBL’s performance is unaccountably the best but it comes with a bit priced tag for a single year of warranty

Everything aside, did you know that you can own one of the most dashing brands of earphones in just one click? Just try this.

2. Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone

Believe it or not, if we were ever to set out and buy an earphone, we would always go for the beast of all earphones, Sennheiser. What makes this German company unique is the fact that it is more than half a century old, yet delivers the latest and finest of products across the globe.

Along with in-depth audio research and development, Sennheiser has set a standard of quality that no one in the market can compete against.

It is such a brand of excellence that even eminent high-profile recording artists and audio sound engineers prefer this over any other brand of electronic media player.

It is probably the best earphone in India which is available under Rs. 1000

Key Features

  • The CX 180 Street II provides 3 different sizes supplied ear adaptors and is incredibly light in weight for a user-friendly and comfortable fit in the ear canal.
  • It has a frequency response of 20 - 20,000 Hz which is why crystal clear and high clarity can be heard from the headset.
  • It has a 1-year international warranty period, this post buy service is longer than most brands which makes it customer's favourite on the first buy.
  • The earphone features a 3.5 mm single pin headphone jack.
  • It has a powerful audio clarity enhancing technology with higher headphone sensitivity due to an impedance of 16 Ohms.
  • The best part of it is the fact that you can use it on any phone, be it android, iOS, Window, Blackberry as long as you want to plug into the world of pure entertainment.


  • It easily fits in the ear canal
  • Solid sound pressure level for protecting earbuds
  • Adaptor cable length of 1.2 m
  • 68 grams, lightweight
  • Can be used for mp3, iPod, iPhone, CD players and portable gaming systems


  • It doesn’t have a mic for in-call speaking or voice access to devices.

Nevertheless when it's about quality, if I were you, I'd have loved a Sennheiser in my ears for every time I wanted a bit of tranquillity in my life.

3. UBON GPR-411 Champ Wired Earphone

If you’re looking forward to buying something that is Indian and has been in the markets for decades, then we have one name for you, UBON. It is not only trustworthy but also provides the best performance in every form of electronics accessory that it ever produced.

This can’t be skipped from the list of best earphones in India under 1000 as it is specifically designed for Indian consumer base with professional audio quality with high bass

Key Features

  • It offers a universal 3.5mm earphone that is designed in a wooden finish tone to fit into any electrical device to play media, be it a computer, smartphone or portable mini media players.
  • It has 10 mm drivers for clarity and high audio along with superior coating to free from tangling as is the case with many wired earphones.
  • High-quality stereo and bass that weighs 100 grams to carry across while travelling, in gym, workplace, everywhere.
  • It has a length of 1.2 m with hi-fi sound and comfort design.
  • It features Integrated remote control for accessing voice control over various applications on a smartphone.


  • Integrated remote control for play/pausing media
  • In-line microphone and a multi-functional user-friendly button 
  • Adaptor cable length of 1.2 m Long and Tangle Free
  • 100 Grams wired earphone, easy to carry
  • 3.5mm earphone with in-ear earbuds


  • The length is a bit shorter for using while travelling otherwise this is the best inline

4. pTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual Driver In-Ear Wired Headphones

Attention PUBG lovers, CoD and all gaming geeks, we present you the best earphones under 1000 for PUBG mobile and all sorts of gaming.

To all the gaming geeks, influencers, creators and live streamers, this earphone here, is hands down one of the best earphones under 1000 for streaming as well as gaming, so if you are looking for which earphone is best for gaming under 500, you’ve your answer.

Key Features

  • It has an 8mm movable coil with comfortable earmuffs designed at 120° angle for less noise and smooth audio.
  • The passive noise cancellation technique helps bring clarity to the device.
  • The dual-driver ensures better sound separation and thus both earbuds do equally effectively.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty to secure your purchase.
  • It has a 3.5 mm audio jack which is widely compatible with 3.5mm audio port devices hence making it easy to use.
  • Since it has a 3.5 mm gold coated earphone jack, the chances of its corrosion are very less and thus making it a highly reliable product for an average buyer.
  • It is a 1.2 m length is a tangle free cable easy to remove and keep in when at work or busy.


  • 3.5mm gold-plated corrosion free audio jack for lasting
  • 8mm dual drivers in each earbud with rich clarity audio
  • Deep Bass Dual-Driver Stereo Sound
  • In-line Remote Control with Microphone, Music and Call Control
  • Passive noise cancellation


  • The short cable length is a major drawback of this product
  • The material is not strong enough for frequent uses

This audio accessory is a must-have for aesthetic folks around who love to carry their style even in their wired devices. The next time you and your friends discuss the best earphones to buy with a budget of under 1000 for gaming, you know what to buy!

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5. Sony MDR-EX150AP Wired In-Ear Headphone

Sony has been every Indian's most favoured brand since time immemorial. Most of Sony's products are manufactured in Japan and imported by India, hence making it a very reliable product to buy without regrets.

Sony earphones come in various colours although most preferable one is black as it matches every outfit and is distinguishable when kept along with stuff.

One in every three households is likely to use one or the other product of this brand, but how about earphones? Let's dive right in!

Key Features

  • It has a very lightweight of around 17 grams making it comfortable and easy to carry around.
  • It features an in-line mic for hands-free calling and switching from one track to another while playing or pausing at any moment you wish for.
  • This earphones most exciting feature is that it comes in with secure-fitting silicone earbuds for comfortable use.
  • It comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty period to make sure quality customer service.
  • Even though made from plastic, it has a shiny metallic finish.
  • The wideband frequency range of 5Hz to 24kHz helps to hear the detail in every audio or video without interruption.


  • 9 mm Neodymium Drivers with rich clarity audio
  • Shiny metallic finish, stylish to use
  • 17 Grams, very lightweight
  • Y-shaped cord for plugging


  • Earphone length is a bit shorter than expected to work with
  • Made from Plastic material hence longevity is unreliable

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6. BoAT BassHeads 100 in-Ear wired Earphones

BoAT has been the most trusted Indian brand of electronics to have won millions of hearts with their quality of service.

If you want an earphone that works good and goes with your vibe then our first suggestion would be to go for BoAt as they sell their products as not only electronic items but lifestyle accessories.

However, with the exotic quality of bass head mp3 player, you're unlikely to receive any trouble even after spontaneous and regular usage.

This earphone is the best earphone under 1000 with a mic that’s both affordable and reliable!

Key Features

  • The design and entire body of the earphones is hawk inspired while Bass heads are superior coated wired with jet black and frosty white colours’ hence making them perfectly stylish to match your vibe.
  • It has a robust 1mm dynamic driver along with a speaker resistance of 16 ohm that makes the earphone's efficiency astounding.
  • The headpiece also has an HD microphone that not only helps you to handle calls in a hassle-free way but also make spontaneous moments with clicks to play or pause or forward anything you're listening to.
  • Its 1.2-metre length with premium coating on the wire cable makes the design of the earphones sleek as well as user-friendly to extend your listening goals when you don't have your cell phones within the reach of your fingertips.
  • The flawless body of this fashionable earpiece that fits perfectly with comfortable noise less bass heads that are available in different sizes won't ever disappoint you while listening constantly over prolonged hours that is for sure!
  • This headpiece is highly durable and cheap if you're looking for an earphone under the range of Rupees 500.


  • 1mm dynamic driver for rich clarity audio
  • Speaker resistance of 16 ohm
  • 1.2-metre length wire with premium coating 
  • HD microphone
  • Durable and reliable performance at a low-cost


  • The extra bass can sometimes be too loud when media is played at high volume to be heard over the earphones.
  • The ear-tips are not suitable for people with small ears as they tend to slip out when pressure is applied.

So if you want an earphone on the go at an affordable price that suits your looks and performs excellently, what are you waiting for? Go grab the BoAT earphones right away!

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7. Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones

It’s about time we address the conqueror of Indian electrical accessories market, Xiaomi Corporation.

Almost a decade old, this brand is known mostly for its fast processing and cheap smartphone handsets, but what we’re not aware of is that it produces equally amazing best clarity earphones under 1000 rupees in Indian markets.

Key Features

  • It gives out crisp vocals with rich bass on its dual dynamic driver structure with easy clung onto ears.
  • The coolest fact about this earphone is that it weighs only 18 grams hence, making it very light and delicate to handle but it’s strong built also makes it quite reliable.
  • Anti-slip Earplugs that stay in your ear canals comfortably make this the best earphone for workout and travelling.
  • 90° close-fitting design fits almost all smartphones and the minimal wire exposure keeps it secure when it’s raining and you’re still on your earphones.
  • It is scratch proof and fingerprint resistant hence no damage to the body even when you forget where you last kept your earphones.
  • The dual-driver technology provides unmatched high definition audio for both music and movies. 


  • 10mm and 8mm Dynamic Drivers for a proper movie experience
  • 90° close-fitting design 
  • Magnetic suction design earbuds
  • Noise cancellation and tangle-free technology
  • 18 gram, very lightweight
  • 3-button operation for a user-friendly interaction


  • Sound can be a little muffed with varying devices

8. Philips SHE1350 In-Ear Headphone

Philips earphones are known for their clear sound quality and powerful bass since the early 2000s. Philips wired earphones are very user friendly while also being highly affordable for all premium features thus making it an instant hit amongst early Indian user base.

Key Features

  • It features a bass beat vent that allows air movement for better sound with deep rich bass to experience the sound inside out.
  • This product is made to fit you and your lifestyle in a stylish design at a very low cost and budget-friendly manner.
  • 15mm speaker driver optimizes wearing comfort and helps.
  • It’s high and spontaneous frequency response makes it one of the best-wired earphones under 500 in 2022.


  • Enriching sound with extra bass beat 
  • Very lightweight
  • 15mm speaker driver 
  • Bass beat vents for larger ear canals
  • Best earphone under 500 in India


  • Cable length of 1m is short for casual use
  • This earphone doesn’t have a microphone so can be used for music/ movies but not calls and voice over-usage

9. Honor AM115 Half In-ear Earphones

Another eminent electronic product that has ruled the Indian consumer market base shortly behind Xiaomi is Honor. If you want the best earphone under 500 then we’d strongly suggest you go with Honor AM115 Half In-ear Earphones.

Key Features

  • This half In-Ear earphone is comfier and more adaptable than other in-ear headphones thanks to their unique ergonomic design.
  • It features multiple vent holes for a high- fidelity music and call experience along with a high clarity microphone.
  • Comfier and more adaptable than other in-ear earphones due to sleek and optimized designs.
  • Is very lightweight hence making it the best earphone for workouts, workplaces and travelling.
  • Spontaneously responsive 3-button design makes it the best user-friendly as well as the best budget-friendly earphone of 2022.


  • Half ear economic design to avoid slipping out
  • Wired-3.5mm single pin with microphone
  • Three-button control
  • 40 grams, lightweight
  • 1-year warranty


  • Can be difficult to adjust into ears due to half-ear design

10. Boult Audio BassBuds X1 In-Ear Wired Earphones

Last but not the least, the final product of our 10 best earphones under 1000 is an Indian brand, Boult Audio.

This product, although a little younger than all other products mentioned in our article, has managed to score a huge audience with the best features, in the Indian market, check out the key features to know-how.

Key Features

  • It’s ergonomically designed drivers help in producing 3D, high clarity and high definition sound with punchy bass.
  • It has a built-in Mic with one-button universal control for easily answering calls, playing and pausing media and also accessing voice command for various applications.
  • Being only 34 grams in weight, it is very light and easy to carry.
  • Boating IPX5 water and sweat resistant making it an important accessory for all sports and fitness enthusiasts, thus making it one of the best earphones for a workout.
  • Aluminium body and metallic finish make it the best earphone for travelling as well as working purpose.
  • It is the most affordable product offering water-resistant features making it one of the best earphones in India under 1000.


  • Built-in Mic
  • In-line Controls with the universal button for easy control
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Premium metallic finish for a professional touch
  • 34 Grams, very lightweight
  • Aluminium drivers and built-in micro-woofer for smooth performance


  • Although it has a metallic finish, it is still made of plastic

Still, confused or don’t want to afford absolute new and priced earphones? Don’t worry, you can easily find refurbished earphones with the best qualities of the same brands online, all you’ve to do is check before you buy your refurbished earphones once online.

That's all folks! So the list is finally over. As promised, we delivered you ten of the best gadgets in the market that are budget-friendly in this article for you, these electronic accessories are the best of their capabilities but you can still choose your favourite.

We hope you find this article helpful in finding the right pair of earphones. All the earphones that we mentioned in our list of 10 best earphones in India are highly affordable and come in real handy for every kind of mood.

Still, waiting? Come on now, head over to any of these earphones and quickly buy one and share this among your friends and family to let them know what made you buy your new pair of earphones and help them make a choice based on all the information above and voilà!

You can all have your favourite brands of earphones that you can carry along when, wherever and however you want!