Best Microwave Ovens in India

Wondering which microwave oven brand is the best in the business? We will tell you in a bit, just keep reading this article till the end so that you won’t miss out on any information.

We have all been fond of bakery goodies, but when was the last time you had the healthiest pizza and the most mouth-watering pastry? Well, now it's time to convert your tiny gourmet kitchen into the cafe of your dreams.

Baking is the new foodie's ‘first stop solution’ to all-time hunger pangs, so stop ordering snacks when you're too hungry to eat boring meals online and eat healthy homemade delicacies at your comfort.

Take a sneak peek at our handpicked 10 best microwave oven brands in India along with a handy buying guide for your newbie entry to the world of chefs, and trust us, your food will never be the same again.

And before you do so, at the bottom of the article we've made the ABC's of microwave knowledge simpler for you with our exclusive buying guide.

And now, it's time for our specialized list of best budget microwaves to get you shopping this weekend!

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10 Best Microwave Oven Brands in India

1. Samsung 23L Solo Microwave Oven (MS23F301TAK/TL)

When we look around our household at least one of the three electrical appliances is from the Samsung brand. It is probably one of the best microwave oven brands in the world.

Samsung tops the best microwave oven brands in India’s list for us as it is one of the best baking ovens in India and we'll tell you why to trust us with the following key features.

This old and exclusively premium South Korean brand has ensured dynamic solutions to all our needs. Let's venture into the reasons as to why it tops this list!

Key Features

  • The 23L capacity is perfect for preparing any kind of food for a nuclear family in righteously enough quantity.
  • It has a cooking time of 99 minutes hence, you can flexibly cook dishes that require longer baking time.
  • Wide distribution of microwaves inside gets the food evenly cooked at once.
  • Helps reduce electricity bills by lowering the Standby power consumption using a single button.
  • Ceramic Enamel cavity with a stylish finish to match your kitchen's interior


  • Energy saving mode
  • Anti-bacterial protection
  • User friendly with a dial
  • Reliable for Indian recipes
  • Reheating, Defrosting and Cooking
  • Child lock safety
  • Warranty for 1 year


  • No proper convection or grilling modes

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2. Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven (1701 MT)

Get a Bajaj and it will save you for a lifetime! Such a committed Indian brand of electricals Bajaj is, no wonder elder folks at home never let go of this brand.

It is certainly one of the best microwave oven brands in India which always manufactures high-quality products and is a trusted brand all over India.

If you look at its key features, you would be a fan too! The device here can easily be termed the best microwave oven brand in Indian markets at the most affordable price for its flawless features!

Key Features

  • Efficient looking small oven perfect for bachelors.
  • Easy to use jog dials with tough lifetime keeping a user-friendly outline for all first-timers to try out.
  • Five different power levels to cook as per your convenience at your preferred temperature as per the cooking requirement.
  • Built-in 30 minutes time alarm helping you serve the food right when it's done.
  • Suitable for all-purpose cooking, everything from continental to french can be cooked in it, giving your food the glamorous freshly-bought vibes.
  • 700 watts, low energy consumption for an economical budget.


  • Value for money
  • Heat regulated movement for even cooking
  • 30-minutes time alarm
  • Mechanical knob, customer reliable dials
  • Complete one year warranty


  • Less capacity

3. Godrej 19 L Convection Microwave Oven (GMX 519 CP1)

Did you know that Godrej is more than a century old company and is still the best in the market that serves the purpose of hassle-free cooking within the blink of an eye?

Godrej’s inverter-based microwave technologies are the leading factors as to why it has become a customer favourite this year in 2022!It is one of the best microwave ovens in India with grill technology.

Key Features

  • It has an eloquently arranged 125 insta-cook menu options because there's just so much you can experiment on with an oven so flexible!
  • 19L capacity suitable for bachelors or small families, especially when you need your oven to cook a small number of dishes.
  • Has a convection mode which lets it be used for baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking.
  • It has a very basic and smooth control with tactile buttons to set the temperature and timer along with Jog Dials that are simple to use with a long life.
  • It's Child Lock ensures complete safety, especially for homes with small children.
  • Comes with a 1-year product warranty.


  • Stylish floral prints with LED display
  • Multi-distribution of heat system
  • Rust-free stainless steel cavity
  • 125 insta-cook menu options
  • Child Lock
  • User-friendly dials


  • Not suitable for joint families or massive cooking

4. LG 32L Convection Microwave Oven (MC3286BRUM)

Life's Good as the name entails, it's an innovative range of products that have made our survival in this 21st century way too easy. This South Korean brand brings you the best convection microwave oven this year.

It is one of the best selling microwave oven brands in India which not only offers premium quality products but also has great customer service all over India.

Key Features

  • 32L capacity to hold as many dishes as you want at once for your extended family needs and the best for cooking within for parties.
  • 360° rotation Motorised Rotisserie bringing the ultimate barbeque experience to your doorstep.
  • An elongated 340 mm diameter turntable for even cooking through rotation from all corners and edges.
  • All in one microwave that comes with 211 Indian auto cook menu featuring Diet Fry and Indian Roti Basket for a healthy balanced meal.
  • Offers steam power to get rid of grease & grime, wiping the microwave cavity clean on a single click.
  • Baking has never been this easy before with it's subtle and user friendly Tact Button, best for amateur cooks.


  • 360˚ rotating rotisserie
  • All-in-One-Microwave with 211 menus
  • 32L Capacity
  • Light Disinfect technology
  • 1-year product warranty
  • 340 mm diameter turntable


  • Requires high voltage operation

5. Morphy Richards 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (20 MS)

This England based company has been ruling home-based electrical appliance markets since half a century and if you're an aesthetic foodie who loves their food garnished with etiquette, this is the best at hand.

Also, if you’re looking for some exotically stylish best buy countertop microwave for your kitchen, then trust us, Morphy Richards never disappoints!

Morphy Richards is definitely in the list of 10 best microwave oven brands in the world and it will surely be a great addition to your kitchen as well.

Key Features

  • It offers 2 years of Comprehensive Product Warranty as they're confident about the quality of their products, which is guaranteed with a solid warranty period.
  • Comes with 5 power level methodology to cook as per your requirement and to prepare the perfect dish at home.
  • It's Mirror Finish Door brings style and beauty to compliment your kitchen with its amazing reflective finish.
  • The rotational knob lets you have more precise control on the functions of the microwave which is very handy for heavy-duty usage.
  • Has a power-coated cavity that lasts longer with or without prolonged rough usage.
  • Since it is made of stainless steel, it’s more durable and tough in performance.


  • 20 L capacity
  • 5 power level rating
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Power coated cavity
  • User-friendly Rotational knob
  • 2 years warranty


  • No child lock
  • Solo microwave oven with no multi-functionality

6. Whirlpool 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (Magicook 20SW)

You may know Whirlpool as a washing machine brand only, but to your surprise, it also manufactures amazing and premium quality microwave ovens and other home appliances as well.

Whirlpool is an American company that offers a wide range of home appliances that are designed to deliver outstanding performance and enrich our lifestyles. If you are looking for the best microwave oven under 10000 you can undoubtedly go with this brand.

Key Features

  • Up to 10 different power levels to help you cook delicious Indian dishes.
  • No need to set a separate alarm with the Clock feature of your Whirlpool Microwave.
  • Glass turntable and support of 24.5 cm diameter for bigger baking spaces.
  • Easy to use touch foil buttons that make sure your instructions reach to the bottom of your food into every bite.
  • LED Display to check and make a selection when your food is inside and you just can't wait anymore!


  • 20L capacity
  • Metal body
  • 2 years warranty
  • Superior Powder Coated cavity
  • Touch foil buttons
  • LED display


  • Solo cooking mode with no multi-functionality
  • Heating rate is slower as compared to other products

7. Bosch 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (HMB45C453X)

The German company, Bosch, is a leading supplier of technology and services in the current electronic goods market with highly reliable and splendid performance for local and professional households around the globe.

If you’re looking for the best microwave oven in India, this is what you should focus on. It is simply the best microwave oven for baking and grilling.

Key Features

  • Offers built-in Auto programmes along with 121 recipes across 8 categories including Snacks, appetizers, soup, Rice, Meat, seafood, vegetarian and Desserts for every type of cuisine.
  • Has 7 modes of cooking including Frylite, Convection for baking, Grilling, Combination, Tandoori, Motorised Rotisserie, Reheating along with defrosting to prepare restaurant-style meals at home.
  • Offers 2 years of the warranty period for any product-related issues.
  • It's 28 L capacity for bulk cooking in greater quantities is perfectly made for joint families and party mode preparations.
  • The exclusively new FryLite mode allows you to enjoy oil-free and diet based products at home without worrying about the extra calories.
  • It's rotary knob and bar handle are the main reasons behind its user interface being very easy and the first choice for every newbie.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Seamless user interface
  • Moderate power consumption
  • FryLite for oil-less frying
  • 7 modes cooking


  • Requires a high voltage

8. Havells GHCOTCDK150 1500-Watt OTG

Havells India Limited is a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods Company with a strong global presence, and yes, this is the best Indian brand gathering laurel internationally. If there’s one brand for the best convection microwave in India to name, it’s hands down, Havells only!

Havells is our wildcard entry guest in the 10 best microwave oven brands in India list not only because of its unique sensor touch dials but also for its glamorous finish that scores a home run in terms of performance as well as design!

Key Features

  • It's 28 L huge capacity baking makes party food or holiday brunches less time taking and effortless in a matter of a few clicks.
  • It's sturdy and corrosion resistant technology makes it suitable for long time usage with any kind of stain across the surface.
  • It's sensor touch lets you control the OTG with a single touch and no control dials making it very user reliable.
  • Double glass door for trapping heat and retaining for a longer time for faster cooking with a see-through door.
  • It comprises 9 pre-set options represented by their icons just like in our smartphones making its interfaces very user friendly.
  • It offers a 2-year product warranty home service for every consumer's peace of mind its trust in the product.


  • Feather-touch sensor
  • 28L capacity
  • Convection function
  • Illuminated chamber cavity
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • 9 Pre-set options
  • Wide LCD front


  • Requires a high voltage

9. IFB 17L Solo Microwave Oven (17PM MEC 1)

Indian Fine Banks Limited is an Indian electronic appliances company that has been winning hearts more than Samsung and Godrej.

Looking for the best microwave oven under Rs.5000? We have just the right thing for you here. As a matter of fact, it is the best cost-effective and budget-friendly microwave in the market.

It is definitely an emerging microwave oven brand in India, selling microwaves at such an affordable price is really commendable. Have a closer look at its key features and you will be surprised too.

Key Features

  • It is every bachelor's last resort for a new cooking experience at a very low cost with its 17L capacity, making it one of the most lightweight ovens.
  • The best feature it shares is it's overheating protection mechanism that helps secure your food from burning or heating up excessively.
  • Unlike most other microwaves, it has a beautiful inbuilt mechanical clock, which helps you to keep a proper record of baking without a timer.
  • It's solo cooking method can be used for reheating, defrosting and other cooking purposes for a quick bite or easy snack.
  • It is very easy to control by its Jog Dials that are easy to understand with long-life durability and toughness.
  • With flexible power levels, you can change power levels during cooking programs without stopping, this means you can adjust the heat on your own according to your dish’s requirements.


  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly control
  • 3 auto cook menu options
  • Overheat protection
  • Mechanical Timer Clock
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not fit for big families
  • No multi cooking option

10. Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave Oven (NN-CT645BFDG, Magic Grill)

Finally, bringing you, Japan's no. 1 trusted appliances brand infused with unique Japanese technology for all forms of your life solutions, that's the most trusted brand in the field of electrical products around the globe, Panasonic.

If you’re a baking expert and looking for the best microwave oven for all sorts of baking, here’s what you need! The name is already enough, but, want to know what makes this microwave bloom amongst micro-chefs? Check out all its key features below before you choose.

Key Features

  • 27L highly efficient baking capacity for families and getting snacks for get-togethers or parties.
  • Its huge collection of 101 auto cook options allows us to cook Indian cuisines of varying difficulty levels within just a few modes of baking, hence making you a micro-chef!
  • Two-way magic heating for exclusive reheating, defrosting and faster cooking methods.
  • Has an exclusive touch keypad unlike others that makes this very unique in its own way as you do not have to go through the dial pad, and can use it as your own smartphone.
  • With high power utilization, this product makes the cooking process faster as compared to others while also being very reliable for instant hunger strikes.
  • Offers a 1 years warranty period for any form of a product issue.


  • 27L capacity
  • Two Way Heating
  • Touch Key Pad
  • 101 Preset Auto Cook menus
  • High power and faster cooking
  • One-touch access


  • Very heavy and difficult to maintain

So that’s a wrap up on our 10 best microwave ovens in India’s list but, we don’t end routes here! Here’s your exclusive buying guide towards a better understanding of all aforementioned features, have a look!.

Buying Guide for Microwave Oven in India

Microwave is the only appliance for your all in one cook buddy which can bring the outside world of priced restaurants and heavy sassy looking cuisines right into your very own kitchen.

In this era of high technology and fast food mania, microwave ovens are our only saviour when it comes to less effort, less time yet exotic meals.

Setting out to buy the best microwave oven in India without knowing the exact details can be so confusing for anyone new to the baking world!

So let's dig into the world of microwave buying through this guide before moving onto the best microwaves within your budget!

Types of Microwave Oven

This is the tricky part when it comes to microwaves. Knowing and understanding its types. There are three very crucial variants of ovens that you need to learn about before making a choice.

1. Grill Microwave Oven

These come with several additional grilling accessories which makes them the best suitable microwave to grill meat and soft vegetables, their basic function is providing better heat flow mechanisms that will help cook food thoroughly.

2. Solo Microwave Oven

Solo microwave ovens are similar to what their name suggests, they work only on solo mode, i.e. with one typical function and are very user friendly when it comes to accessing them, although we would suggest you to go for these when you're looking for a microwave that is ideal for reheating and simple cooking.

3. Convection Microwave Oven

This kind of oven has a fan and a heating element that create airflow patterns in every direction and corner inside the microwave oven cavity. If you want to bring out the inner chef within you, for your restaurant or even home cooking, these will give you the best grilling and baking experience.

Features of Microwave Oven

To eat a dish and relish its flavours, you need to understand the ingredients used, similarly, to buy the best microwave, you need to understand its features and make a decision based on your cookery requirements.

1. Power Consumption

Microwave ovens come with a power setting to help maintain the temperature inside the cavity, so the higher the voltage, the better the food cooks through the temperature.

For parties, joint families, get-togethers and heavy cooking opt for a more powerful microwave although, for bachelors, a less powerful oven would be perfect as well.

2. Auto Cook

With this feature, you can rule the world, quite literally. Your oven will cook the food for you. You just need to specify settings like power settings, time and your dish name. And, kaboom! Your food reaches you in no time.

3. Defrost / Preheat

Defrosting and preheating are two of the most commonly used microwavable features. Defrosting helps your frozen food to get back to normal edible temperature whereas preheating feature sets your body of the microwave, i.e. the cavity's volume to a certain temperature at which food can be easily prepared as soon as it enters the oven.

4. Child-Lock

Microwave is one of the most powerful devices one can have at home kitchen, so, if you're getting one for your home, and have kids of young age at home make sure to get a child lock option on your new oven that'll protect your child from toying around the appliance.

5. Timer

A timer is a must-have for any kind of microwave because cooking is all about the right time and patience but, and if you have a timer attached to your device, you don't have to look for a stopwatch or counter clock to keep track on your dish and it'll let you know when it's time.

6. Auto cook menu

For an ideal oven to try quick microwave recipes when hunger strikes and you don't wanna cook your meal, this special feature just needs your dish name and the weight to which you can specify some settings like power wattage and cooking time and boom, your oven shall make your food for you!

7. Panel types

There are many types of panel, you can either go for a touch screen one or one with buttons according to your ease of use. We would suggest you go for Feather Touch panels that add the design of your microwave & sense your fingers, like your old touch-screen smartphone.

Microwave Oven Accessories

When you buy any random gizmos, there's so much else you've to get along to use with your main device. Such objects are called microwave oven accessories.

Some examples of such accessories include microwave oven gloves, cover, microwave-safe cookware, utensils, bowls, vessels, microwave stand to mount on to the wall if you're out of kitchen space and the list follows.

These accessories are easily available online and in case you need a helping hand, we'll be making another such article to guide you.

Till then, keep browsing, keep buying and keep sharing to help others make a choice as well!

And finally, if you were to buy from one of the microwave oven amongst the ten best microwave oven brands this year in India, we would recommend you to go for Panasonic or LG.